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Materials Theory Insitute

Materials Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
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Nancy Sanchez (staff assitant)
email:  sanchez@anl.gov
phone:  +1-630-252-6525
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The Materials Theory Institute is designed to attract the leading experts and best talents in the field of condensed matter physics for collaborative work closely related to Argonne's experimental and theoretical projects. A goal of the Materials Theory Institute is to foster growth and expansion of theoretical science laboratory-wide. The Institute intends to have a major impact on the overall research at ANL and to play a crucial role in the formulation of new research directions and future initiatives. Its activities aim to benefit individual groups, both theoretical and experimental. The Institute catalyzes interdisciplinary interactions and collaborations.

The Theory Institute is based on relevance, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Its most important characteristic is cutting edge research of the highest quality. The Institute is largely built on visitor programs: visiting members possess expertise complementary to that available at Argonne and support and strengthen projects led by the permanent staff. The duration of regular visits may vary from two weeks to two years. This format enables us to maintain the mobile, well focused, and highly interactive character of the research and allows tackling a rich variety of the most urgent and topical scientific problems.

The simultaneous presence of the leading experts, working as a team on focused projects, enables us to organize a series of the workshops, devoted to the most urgent topics emerging in condensed matter and material physics. These workshops attract the most talented scientists, advance the current projects, and contribute enormously to the creative and stimulating atmosphere of the Institute.

The areas of activity of the Institute are selected by a steering committee from proposals submitted by internal and external researchers and groups, both theoretical and experimental. The research programs involving senior visitors are supported by the younger visiting members carefully selected from the most active and talented young scientists.

Operation mode: The Institute operates in the following manner. Top experts in theory, both within the country and around the world, are invited for periods ranging from a few weeks to a year to work with Argonne researchers. They represent areas of current interest (these include soft condensed matter, hybrid structures, bio-inorganic interfaces, nanoscale and mesoscale systems and phenomena, and others) and possible future activities at ANL. The invitees possess expertise complementary to that available at Argonne and strengthen and expand ongoing programs and help to initiate new ones. The areas of activity of the Institute and the invitees are selected from suggestions/proposals submitted by individual Argonne researchers and groups, both theoretical and experimental. Areas of activity within the Institute are flexible and changeable.

As an integral part of its activities, the Institute organizes Advanced Research Workshops of one week to three months in duration. The participation in the ARWs will be by invitation and will be limited typically to 25-30 top experts in a chosen field or set of fields. The educational function will be realized through organization of Advanced Study Institutes directed primarily at young scientists, postdocs, and advanced graduate students.

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