Advisory Board

Principal Investigators at the Institute

Valerii Vinokur Valerii Vinokur Director email: vinokur
ext. 3765
Bldg. 223, D-113
Valerii Vinokur Nancy Sanchez Staff Assistant email: sanchez
ext. 6525
Bldg. 223, S-226
Igor Aranson Igor Aranson Scientific interests include nonequilibrium physics, pattern formation, granular systems and soft condensed matter. email: aronson
ext. 9725
Bldg. 223, C-237
Andreas Glatz Andreas Glatz Scientific interests include theory of mesoscopic meta-materials, far-from-equilibrium phenomena, and computational physics. email: glatz
ext. 9725
Bldg. 223, C-237
Alexei Koshelev Alexei Koshelev Scientific interests: theory of vortex matter in layered superconductors including nature of vortex phase diagram, lattice structures in tilted magnetic fields, dynamics of the Josephson vortex lattice, two-band superconductivity in magnesium diboride. email: koshelev
ext. 9592
Bldg. 223, D-109
Konstantin Matveev Konstantin Matveev Scientific interests: theory of electronic transport in nanostructures and spintronics. email: matveev
ext. 4341
Bldg. 223, D-233

email: ... @anl.gov
phone: +1 630-252-ext.

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