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NATO Advanced Research Workshop:

Theory of Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Devices
St.-Petersburg, Russia, 03 - 07 Jun, 2002


Dr. Valerii Vinokur, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Fax: +1 630 252 777

Prof. Veniamin Kozub, A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Program committee

Carlo Beenakker (The Netherlands)
Veniamin Kozub (Russia)
Valerii Vinokur (USA)
Valerii Pokrovskii (USA)

Local Organizing Committee

Michael Mizerov Chair (Center for Microelectronics)
Boris Egorov Secretary (Ioffe Institute)
Elena Solov'eva (Ioffe Institute)
Nikita Vsesvetskii (Ioffe Institute)


The Workshop was held on June 3-7, 2002, in St Petersburg, at the Educational Centre of the Ioffe Institute, located within 30 min by public transport from the downtown with its famous canals, museums and theaters. This is the time of the so-called "White Nights," which will add to your enjoyment of the city.


Contributions are in English. No simultaneous translation services will be provided.

Workshop Format

The Workshop program includes about 25 invited talks presented in a single- session format and about 20 contributed talks. Contributions are selected on the basis of the abstracts submitted by authors.

Oral presentations will conform to a 25-minute with additional 5 minutes for discussions.

Keynote speakers

Aharony Amnon (Israel)
Altshuler Boris (USA)
Averin Dmitry (USA)
Blatter Gianny (Switzerland)
Grabtree George (USA)
Galperin Yury (Norway)
Entin-Wohlman Ora (Israel)
Feigelman Michail (Russia)
Gefen Yuval (Israel)
Kes Peter (The Netherlands)
Klapwijk Teun (The Netherlands)
Kopnin Nikolai (Finland)
Kozub Veniamin (Russia)
Levitov Leonid (USA)
Ocio Miguel (France)
Paalanen Mikko (Finland)
Shekhter Robert (Sweden)
Shelankov Andrei (Sweden)
Shklovskii Boris (USA)
Spivak Boris (USA)
Tinkham Michael (USA)
Vinokur Valerii (USA)
Volkov Anatolii (Germany)


Veniamin Kozub:
Valerii Vinokur: