MTI International Argonne Fall Workshop on Nanophysics VII, 2007

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Tentative Program

Sunday, December 16
09:15Rosenstein, BaruchOpening
09:30Birge, NormanMeasuring electron energy relaxation in carbon nanotubes (tentative)
10:00Wu, M. K.tba
10:30Abanine, DimitriDissipative Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene at Zero Filling
11:00Silvestrov, PeterSpin-Hall edge spin polarization in a ballistic 2D electron system
12:00von Oppen, FelixFlexural phonons in free-standing graphene
12:30Lin, M. T.tba
15:00Fistul, MikhailElectromagnetic field induced suppression of transport through n-p junctions in graphene
15:30Chung C. H.Quantum phase transitions in a dissipative quantum dot
16:30Gurevich, AlexanderTwo-band superconductors
17:00Asano, Yashigurotba
17:30Kao, Ying-Jertba

Monday, December 17
09:00Goldman, AllenElectrostatic modification of the conductive properties of amorphous Bi ultrathin films
09:30Fominov, YakovConductance of a junction between a normal metal and a Berezinskii superconductor
10:00Baturina, TatianaZero-conducting state near the S/I transition
10:30Pudalov, VladimirMetal-Insulator Transition in 2D: Experimental Test of the Two-Parameter Scaling
11:30Meidan, DagonitSharp Superconductor-Insulator Transition in Short Wires
12:00Reznikov, MikhailNonequilibrium Voltage Fluctuations in Aluminum Wires
12:30Mirlin, AlexanderNonequilibrium Luttinger liquid in quantum wires: Zero-bias anomaly and dephasing
15:00Matveev, KostantinResistivity of inhomogeneous quantum wires
15:30Polyakov, DmitriiCoulomb drag between disordered Luttinger liquids
16:00Lerner, IgorResonant Level Hybridized with Luttinger Liquid
17:00Lin, Juhn JongStrong electron dephasing in highly disordered Cu(93)Ge(4)Au(3) thin films
17:30Fazio, RosarioMott insulating and glassy phases of polaritons in arrays of coupled cavities

Tuesday, December 18
09:00Altland, AlexanderNew developments in quantum chaos
09:30Meir, Yigaltba
10:00Chen C. D.tba
10:30Chudnovsky, EugeneTheory of Spin Hall Effect
11:30Chen Y. C.Isotop effect in H molecular junction
12:00Furusaki, AkiraMultifractality and conformal invariance at localization-delocalization transition in two dimensions
12:30Golubov, AlexanderOdd-frequency pairing state in superconducting heterostructures
15:00Nattermann, ThomasBose-Einstein Condensates in Strongly Disordered Traps
15:30Varlamov, AndreiFluctuation spectroscopy of granularity in superconducting structures
16:00Blanter, Yaroslavtba
17:00Tanaka, YukioOdd-frequency pairing state in superconducting junctions
17:30Burin, AlexanderMemory effects in Coulomb glasses
18:00Ovadyahu, ZviRelaxation dynamics in quantum electron-glasses

Wednesday, December 19
09:00Altshuler, Boristba
09:30Gefen, YuvalHow to Measure Weak Values in a Quantum Dot Setup
10:00Shih, Chi-Tin tba
11:00Chen, Yang-Yuan tba
11:30Maassen van den Brink, AlecTunable coupling of superconducting charge qubits

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